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Frequently ​Asked Questions

Treetop Country

What vaccines should I get? • Make sure you're up to date on your existing vaccines. All the HEP shots and Typhiod shot are recommended. The chance of getting Malaria in Thailand is very rare. Certain Malaria medication can make you sick and give you night terrors. But it's always better to be safe than sorry! Ultimately you should check with your doctor! 

Can I bring supplies to donate? • You're not required to bring anything, but some of the schools are desperate for supplies. Here are some example items you can bring to donate if you want to: pencils, erasers, rulers, children's books, stickers, crayons, dry erase markers, coloring books, flash cards, ect.

Is there a mailing address for Treetop Country so that I can receive packages or send supplies to the schools? • Yes. 146/2 Tambon Pa Ngiu Amper Wiang Pa Po Chiang Rai 57170 Thailand

Will there be wifi at Treetop? • Yes. The entire project grounds has wifi and there's some coffee shops and little restaurants down the road with wifi as well!

Is there a way for me to do laundry? • Our staff will do your laundry for you for 60 baht (around 2 dollars) per load. You'll have a laundry basket in your room!

How will the driver find me at the airport? • We'll be holding a Treetop sign or wearing a Treetop shirt with our logo. Once your arrival date gets closer you should add the Volunteer Coordinators on Facebook and or the LINE app to message them once you land. The airport has wifi to connect to.

How will I get to the schools? • The local teachers or principals will kindly pick you up each morning to take you to the schools and bring you back home when classes are done!  

What else can we do in the village as a volunteer? • Whenever the weather cooperates, we have organic farm initiatives. There's also a local pool you can swim in. It costs 50 baht (around a $1.40USD) for one day. There's coffee shops, a local karaoke bar, and we sometimes buy lanterns and let them go together at night! There are a lot fun things to do around the village and our Volunteer Coordinators will be here to help guide you and show you around!

Do I need to speak Thai? • Nope! Most of the teachers speak English and our Volunteer Coordinators can translate and speak English as well. Maybe learn a few basic words to impress the locals!