Treetop Country

Thailand's most authentic volunteer and backpackers resort

Type of Room       
Nightly Fee (USD)
Private with A/C

What does my payment cover?

As a backpacker, each night that you stay at Treetop Country you will have a bed in one of our beautiful treetop houses and you'll get a complimentary breakfast the following morning. You'll have access to a warm shower and all of the amenities provided to volunteers, including a locker area for your valuables and free Wi-Fi. You'll also have the opportunity to meet and interact with local Thai nationals and international travellers/volunteers, and we're happy to help facilitate any side trips that you may be looking to take while in Chiang Rai province.

While you stay with us we will treat you not like a visitor, but like family, and we'll show you how much fun and excitement there is in the village!

Your backpacking fee does not include a ride to Wiang Pa Pao from the airport or a detailed orientation. If you would like a ride into the village please let us know when booking and we can arrange for our driver to pick you up for a separate fee, otherwise buses are available from both Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai city. Maximum stay of 5 days.

For booking inquiries or any questions that you may have, please send us a message using the contact us page.



Treetop Country is designed to house both long term volunteers and short term backpackers passing through Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai. Being right in the middle of a rural village and offering community engaging opportunities, Treetop Country provides backpackers with a unique and authentic experience that cannot be found at any other hostel or resort!